Thursday, December 9, 2010

November Shopping Part 4: Drugstore

Hey Everyone, here is the last of my November hauling. These are the drugstore products I purchased.

WnW Natural Wear Pressed Powder in Buff
I loved this stuff so much the first time I bought it that I decided to get it again when WnW was 50% OFF. I apply it with e.l.f. Studio Powder brush and it gives the most amazing coverage over my foundation.

WnW Idol Eyes Cream shadow pencil in Distress

How gorgeous is this blue!? I just love how rich the color is. I haven't really tested out it's lasting power as an eyeshadow yet as I have only used it to line my eyes but I will let your know.

WnW ColorIcon eyeshadow single in Nutty

I had heard so many bloggers raving about this shade so I finally decided to pick it up. I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised. It did not look appealing to me on the shelf but I love it on my eyes. And as always with WnW, the staying power and blendability is fantastic.

WnW Megalast nail polish in Haze Of Love
I haven't tried this one yet but it looked like a perfect holiday shade of cranberry.

WnW ColorIcon blush in Heather Silk
I have never tried any of the WnW blushes before so I picked up this color. I love light pink blushes and this is no exception. It is a very soft powder and the color is quite nice. It's also a matte color which I really like, it's a nice change from my usual shimmery blushes. (Swatch at the end)

WnW ColorIcon eyeshadow single in Kitten
My constant search for purple eyeshadows led me to this shade from Wet n Wild. It's a very light shimmery lilac, I love it.

Revlon Perle eyeshadow single in Black Galaxy

I have used this for every smokey eye I have done since I got this. I love it!! It's such a smooth soft powder. And I love the glitters!! They are so pretty. I also love to line my eyes with this.

Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in Passion Plum

So I have this eye liner in brown and it goes on soo smoothly but for some reason this plum shade has such a weird texture. I still use it from time to time because the color is very pretty but it's not my favorite.

Maybelline Dream Matte mousse in Porcelain Ivory Light (1)

This is exactly what the shade looks like.

Although the color is appearing quite a bit darker, it shows the texture really well. It's so lightweight and smooth. It has the texture of something whipped, very airy.
If I were doing a November favorites this would be my foundation of choice. I have used this every single day since I got it. I haven't used any of my liquid foundations because this stuff is so awesome. I love how it feels on my skin, I can't even tell it's there.

Dream Mousse Concealer in Ivory Light (2-3.5)

Both texture and color are represented really well here.
I'm not so sure why I chose my concealer a few shades darker than my foundation. But the yellow undertones make it great for covering up redness. It isn't as smooth and creamy as the foundation but because the texture is thicker it provides really good coverage.

Covergirl Exact Eyelights mascara for Blue Eyes

It is supposed to be a black/purple mascara but it just shows up black in my opinion (The flash of the camera washed it out but believe me it's black). So far I'm not impressed with this mascara. I don't like the wand all that much or the formula. It doesn't make my eyes any bluer or my lashes especially dramatic. I won't be re-purchasing this mascara.

Neutrogena Healthy Lengths in Black

I bought this when Rite Aid had all mascaras BOGO Free or 1/2 Off (I don't remember, sorry!). I haven't really heard anything about this mascara but I thought with the sale and a $3.00 coupon, it was a pretty good time to try something new. I haven't used it yet because I have a bajillion mascaras at the moment, but I will let you know when I finally try it out.

 Sally Hansen Diamond 12 HR Lip Treatment in Always Ascher (Top) and Princess (Bottom)
I got these BOGO Free at Rite Aid. I had never bought any Sally Hansen makeup before and I'm not sure I really like it. Each gloss has a wand with a small brush on the end for application but for some reason the in the Princess gloss the brush is hard like all the bristles are glued together or something. It makes it really hard to use. I mostly use Always Ascher and it is a pretty nice clear sparkly gloss.

NYC Rose Lip Gloss

Sorry I didn't get a picture of the rose before I used this but I think it is totally cute. The pink is actually quite pigmented which surprised me. It's also very smooth. I wish it came in an actual lipstick tube but it still works the same in here I guess.

NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Moody Blue
After I got this same eyeliner in Turquoise and loved it so much I had to try more. I love how bright and pigmented the color is. I'm getting quite obsessed with colored eyeliner, I think they are so fun!

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Color
Deeply Violet is exactly that, a gorgeous deep violet purple color. Black Diamond is the one I'm really loving. It's such a sparkly/shimmery black shade, I have worn it so much since I bought it, it's gorgeous!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color
So I think Cherry Punch is a holiday shade, at least Rite Aid didn't have it in with the core collection, and I was so excited for it because it has big chunky glitter and it looked like this simply gorgeous holiday red. Unfortunately, it dries to an odd finish that isn't glossy and isn't matte and the big chunky glitter is exactly that... Chunky. I'm not a fan. I thought I would love it... but I don't. Purple Pizzazz, on the other hand, is spectacular! It's a bright purple with pink/red shimmer in it. I love it. And it applies so well. I really like these Xtreme Wear Nail Colors, the brush and formula are fantastic.


(From Left to Right) Cherry Punch, Purple Pizzazz (showing up blue, but it's completely purple, promise), Deeply Violet, and Black Diamond

Another swatch of Black Diamond because I want you to see how pretty it is!

You might need to click on the picture to enlarge.
(From Left to Right) Blush, NYC lip color, WnW Kitten single, SH Lipglosses, NYC eyeliner

More swatches of Awesome Ascher in my attempt to show you what it really looks like.

Well that is all my shopping for the month of November. I clearly blew my beauty budget but I just couldn't help it. There were so many things I wanted to try. I hope you are all having a fantastic December and are enjoying this holiday season as much as I am.



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