Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dollar Tree Haul: A little bit of everything!

Oh how dangerous it was for Dollar Tree to open near my house... I stopped in after work one day in search of a pill box to organize those little stickers from etsy and happened to find a few other cute things as well...

I love looking for stickers at Dollar Tree. I found a new pack I'd never seen before.

I like the shapes and colors and how sparkly the background is!

I found two cute college-ruled mini notebooks.

I love the patterned covers! I brought one to work and kept one at home.

I've never heard of Elmer's school glue pens before but I thought these would be handy for different craft projects!

I tried to exercise some restraint and only bought 1 fall decoration!

I love the glitter, I couldn't resist.

I picked up a few more of these chevron collapsible bins. These are so cute and really nice for organizing. I'm using them in my pantry, I'll have a before and after look at how I'm using them coming up soon!

And now for the pillbox!

The little sections in this pill box are the perfect size for my etsy stickers. I love that they are all held in this clear container but that each colored section can come out too. This will be so handy when I'm planning I can just grab the one or two sections I need instead of the whole box.

I saw someone on YouTube talk about these reusable wipes so I decided to try them out for myself. It comes 8 to a pack and each towel is a really generous size. I can't wait to try these out!

I just love this store. There are a lot of things there that aren't a good deal but there are plenty of things at the dollar store worth checking out!

If you want to see more about these items and what they look like out of their packaging you can check out the video I posted on YouTube!

Thanks for stopping by!

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