Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dollar Tree Haul! Bins & Containers, stickers, fall decor, cleaner & more!

A Dollar Tree just opened up in my area (the closest one for over an hour) and it is such a dangerous thing! I just can't stay away! :)

Here are some things I picked up on a trip after work one day (retail therapy, a good way to unwind)!

One of my favorite things from Dollar Tree so far has been all of the different organizers!

I know "they" say the smart thing to do is to figure out what you bins you need for a specific project first but I like having bins on hand and then finding places that need organizing. The bins are what inspire me so I like having them available. Someday maybe I will be organized enough to figure out the project first but for now I like the bins! :)

After going nuts in the container section I wandered up and down every single aisle of the store and found a few more things to pick up...

I'm in love with the stickers I found

I'm really in a sticker phase right now so it was exciting to find a bunch of cute stickers for only $1.00 each!

They had just started putting out fall decor when I stopped in. I found these really cute glittery pumpkins!

To be honest I think everything should have a little bit of sparkle to it :)

Another area I was really impressed with was their office supply section! They had great notebooks, calendars, sticky notes & I found some really cute patterned binder clips!

This was totally impulsive because I actually needed binder clips! :) How lucky that they are cute binder clips, huh?

The last thing I picked up was a 2 pack of the Dollar Tree magic erasers. I have heard so many people on YouTube talk about how great these work so I had to give them a shot! I haven't tried them yet but I'll definitely let you know if they work ('cuz $1 for 2 is a heck of a lot better than the name brand price)!

Those are all of the goodies! I'm so excited about what I found.

Thanks for stopping by!

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