Sunday, June 29, 2014

Planner Haul & Accessories (New planner, stickers, washi, & post-its!)

Last year I bought my first planner since high school. I went on this school supply kick (possibly an early mid twenties and one of the things I bought was a planner that went off the academic calendar (July - June). These past few months I really started relying on that planner to organize my week and remember important tasks I needed to get done. So you can imagine my dismay this month realizing my planner was about to run out!

I have watched a lot of videos on YouTube, read blogs, and looked through photos on Instagram of different planners and while I would love to invest in one of the popular and beautiful Erin Condren, Kikki K, or Filofax planners I don't want to do it without knowing 100% I'd be using it to its fullest potential. So in the meantime I started searching on Google for something new.

My top three requirements were that it be affordable, plain (which equals easy to decorate), and roomy enough for daily notes and lists without being bulky. My searches brought my to MochiThings where I discovered....

The "Beautiful Flower Scheduler" in Mint -- $22.95

I'm so excited to start decorating this planner each week any way I want. Stickers, washi, colored pens, color blocking, post it, flags... whatever I want. I love how plain it is. I love it! Something interesting to me was that aside from the yearly calendar in the front this planner has no dates in it. The idea behind that being it can be used any week, any month, of any year. If I stop using it for a week I can pick up the next week because I write in the dates! Whatever dates I want! Now I don't plan on not using it for a week or a month but the lack of dates is something to consider when purchasing this planner.

Some things I liked about this planner is the large section each week for lists, notes, post-its & the several lined pages at the very back. Oh, and of course the beautiful cover! I think the mint color and floral pattern is so pretty!

Also from MochiThings I found these affordable stickers...

Rainbow Sticker v3 -- $1.95

The first sheet is star stickers, the center sheet is talking bubbles, and the final sheet is squares. I love the colors and that the stickers are slightly sheer.

Here is how I used one of the star stickers in my planner...

And one of the conversation bubbles...

I took one of the square stickers & placed it on an adhesive tab...

I definitely recommend checking out MochiThings. They have a lot of cute, unique, and affordable products!

Next I visited Staples website in search of these popular labels...

Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ Removable Color-Coding Labels -- $4.59

I see these things EVERYWHERE and I finally decided to pick them up. I love the shape, colors, and that they are removable!

Browsing their site I discovered...

Redi-Tag® Easy-To-Read Self-Stick Index Tabs, White -- $2.59

I thought these would be perfect for many things but the first that came to mind was my planner! I thought they were a great value and I liked how versatile they are being white.

BIC® Intensity Permanent Pens, Fine Point, Assorted Fashion Colors --- $7.29

I'd never heard of these pens before but they are exactly what I've been looking for. A fine point marker-type pen that won't bleed through paper!

The last item I picked up is another from the Martha Stewart line (which I want one of everything from)...

Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ Dry Erase Decal, Gray Border, Flourish --- $4.99

How cute is this!? & affordable! I have found in using it that it does not dry erase well. I could still see a shadow of the writing but a lightly dampened paper towel works like a dream!

The last items I have to show you are from my local WalMart.

I picked up several Post-it brand products.

Full Adhesive 2 in x 2 in sticky notes

I already have these in a larger size and I love them so much. The full adhesive sticky notes are so wonderful!

Post-it sticky Flags

Post-it Page Markers

I love picking up stickers from WalMart. I purchase the $1.00 sheets from the Sticko brand.

The last few items I have to show you are some rolls of washi tape I ordered through for $1.89 each!

I have a little bit of a washi addiction... so I'm going to stop buying washi... for a long time lol. I don't know how well I'll be able to stick to that! :)

That's everything I picked up this time around. I hope you enjoyed seeing these items. I can't wait to starting using my new planner and I'll definitely show you as I'm using it and decorating it each week!


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