Friday, March 28, 2014

My Jewelry Storage

I have a small room in my house that I use to get ready in everyday. I keep my makeup, nail polish, purses, some shoes, and hair stuff in here as well as all of my jewelry. Today I wanted to show you how I store that jewelry. I don't think I have a ton of jewelry but it is enough that I couldn't just use a simple jewelry box so I came up with an easy and affordable set up for me that helps keep my jewelry organized and doubles as decor!

First up, my dangly earrings. 

This is the piece of jewelry I have the least of and I think it is because I have kept my hair so long for so many years that I just don't wear or buy dangly earrings anymore because they get tangled in my hair. The ones I still have left I store on this cute frame my friend made for me using lace ribbon!

Next, stud earrings!

Stud earrings are my weakness, I want to buy them all. Because I have so many I store them a few different ways.

This is a new dish I ordered from Forever 21 for only a few dollars. I keep my newest studs on here. I try not to have more than 10 pairs of earrings on here because if it gets too cluttered I'll forget to wear some of the newer ones.

I got this dish at the thrift store. Here I store mostly pearl and rhinestone studs along with some other older studs I don't wear as much.

Finally I have this box also from Forever 21. Here I keep larger earrings that are still studs but don't fit with the other two dishes. I love the little gold bird on top!

I got this box a few years ago from Forever 21. I've kept different things in it over the years but most recently I've used it to store two costume jewelry rings and a large pair of flower studs that didn't fit in the bird box. I don't wear any of these very often so it made sense to me to have them in their own space.


I have a really fancy set up for my necklaces (ahem... push pins... cough cough)
I see so many cute pictures on Pinterest of necklace storage but I've been storing my necklaces like this since high school and it just works for me! I can move them when I need to and there is always room for more!

Last up, bracelets!

I store my bracelets two ways. The first, above, is on my push pins with my necklaces. I do that with these small beaded bracelets because otherwise my cats find them, chew them, hide them, and break them. No matter how many times I moved the bracelets the cats always found them so finally I put them up high where they can't be reached!

My few other bracelets (I don't have many) are kept in this pink bowl I got on clearance from WalMart like 5 years ago.

And here's how it all looks in the corner of my room...

(with my pretty homemade nail polish rack. *sigh* I just love it)


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