Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DIY Easter egg banner {using FREE paint color cards} w/ washi tape + bakers twine + glitter tape

When I was at Walmart the other day doing my grocery shopping I decided to pick up a bunch of the paint sample cards in light spring colors to finally try out one of the Easter egg banners I've been seeing on Pinterest for so long.
Here are the supplies I used...
scissors, pen, paint cards, and an oval {egg} shaped template (I used one I have leftover from my scrapbooking days)
You can use whatever you want to string up the paper eggs but here are the two things I had on hand...
hemp cord or bakers twine
You could also use yarn or thread.
I ended up needing to do a little reinforcing so I was glad I had a pack of these...

To decorate I used...

patterned and glitter washi tape
{not pictured: hole punch}
First up I traced two egg shapes on the back of each card...

After tracing them all I cut each one out. This took the longest because I was trying to cut as smoothly as possible

String each egg up and VOILA!

Oh and don't forget to decorate!

This craft was so easy and fun to do! Now I have an adorable banner for Easter that cost me very little in supplies!
I want to try this next year with hearts for Valentines day or little red white and blue flags for Fourth of July.
The possibilities are endless.

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