Monday, November 14, 2011

rambly thoughts

mr. stubbs and a good friend of his have been installing my kitchen cabinets since 11:00 this morning
they are still going as i type this, 9 and a half hours later
i'm so very excited for my kitchen to be all put together
it's been slow getting everything together around the house and i have felt like i was waiting for the kitchen to be done before i would really know what i want to do with this place
but it's coming together and i love it

when my husband ripped out the old cabinets this morning he found golf balls, a soft ball, and a cell phone
how does that happen
how do you lose your cell phone under a kitchen cabinet...
i've been pondering this all day

another thing i have been pondering all day is why in the world i didn't get in the shower this morning when i woke up wide awake at 5:15
i'd had 10 hours of sleep already and really could have used the shower
somehow i managed to go back to sleep and rolled out bed 25 minutes before i needed to leave
pulled my hair into an atrocious bun, hoodie, jeans, and moccasins and i was out the door
i regretted it all day
or even right now for example. i should be in the shower, but i'm on the computer.
{in my defense i have two sweet kittens cuddling with me while we hide from the loud sounds coming from the kitchen}
anyways, moral of the story... i hate getting wet
you didn't know that's where i was going with this? i totally was.

mr. stubbs and i are also a few episodes into season 4 of Lost! i'm so very much in love with that show. at least 1 character is in my dreams every weekend. {i only remember my dreams when i sleep in late and i only sleep in late on the weekends, hence the lost characters only being in my dreams on the weekends. the end}

well those are my ramblings for this fine monday evening. i must get off the computer and go shower now. and then do my hair. and then think about something cute to wear to work tomorrow to make up for today's total lack of cute anything. the end. okay. goodbye.
i'm stalling...

nope, gone.

p.s. i just heard a really loud man burp from my kitchen. this really is a construction site now.
p.p.s. how do i explain to this cute little kitten that i must get up,? i mustn't shower. it's not fair to the kitty

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