Saturday, November 12, 2011

a day in pictures

last week my mom and sister came down for a little overnight visit
i decided to document our day

for breakfast we made delicious parfaits.
light vanilla yogurt, just bunches granola, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, and peach

met this adorable puppy outside of a local thrift store

and inside was her very large brother, King

 the creepiest bunny ever. unexplainable.

 i want this tea set, very much

okay, now this next thing. i just don't understand how this happens.
let me explain
i live in a very small town. very small. where the only option for buying basically anything is the local and very small Walmart. the people who live here have lived here forever. so stumbling across this at the thrift store for $15.00 was a little unexpected...

i die. it's the only dior i have ever touched, and this is vintage. thrift store gold i tell you.

this on the other hand is just plain silly i think

later we found a family of baby pigs.

after they left, mr. stubbs and i had homemade chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese for dinner

i only picked up a few things from the thrift store, here are the goods

 i'm going for a country/farm house look in my house, especially my kitchen. they are also my favorite thing to search for at thrift store.

i'm also quite excited to decorate my house for the christmas holiday


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