Saturday, November 5, 2011

i love october
so many fall things were not documented
{even a winter thing snuck into October, our first snow!}
i got a bajillion cool pumpkins from work
i didn't take pictures with my camera but i have some on my phone i will try to post
they really are the coolest pumpkins, ever
a recent snow and freeze done killt those pumpkins dead and frozen
i'm really quite depressed about it
i wanted them to live forever

we finally bought our ikea cabinets. they have not been installed yet but adam has them almost all put together. not to jump about here but we got 9 trick or treaters on halloween. rather sad that 9 made me happy, but i was afraid we wouldn't get any. blasted trunk or treating has ruined halloween. {rant for another day}

i read a bought! i bought a random book from walmart and i read it. i never read books anymore. it's called

beautiful creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

it compares itself to twilight, true blood, and is described as a teen gothic romance or something like that. i liked it. a lot. and there are two or three more that come after it. so. i will have to buy another book. the end.

my house is sort of a mess. which makes me sad because i was doing so good at keeping it clean and now it's a mess. much like the tangles in my too long hair. okay those were not related. but my house is a mess and i need to find the motivation tonight in my sleep to hop out of bed in the morning and clean clean clean. secondly, my hair is overgrown. much too long. much too thick and dead and split-endy. so it tangles really really easily. which in turn makes me feel so juvenile. what adult gets knots in their hair. sheesh brittany. hair fail. i just don't trust anyone to cut it. {i used to get my hair cut like every other month and i didn't care what the hair dresser did. then i moved to hickland and every time without fail i walk out mulleted southern belle texas mama curled and sprayed. i can't go through it again. the the hair continues to grow and the tangles tangle.}

i won a subway gift card at work for my halloween costume. i'm craving me some subway breakfast.

i have a new magazine obsession. it's kind of nerdy/old lady of me but it fits the time in my life right now, sort of.

this old house

it's bomb. leave me alone. i get really excited to see it in the mail box. i read it all in one sitting. the decoration and diy-ness of it is fantastic. plus, i too have an old house. built in like 1900 i believe. i should figure out for sure. don't let me forget that.

my mom and sister are coming down this next tuesday and staying until wednesday evening. i'm taking wednesday off from work and there will be much fun together. i'm so glad i don't live at home, am not a teenager, and am not in high school anymore. i truly enjoy being friends with my mother which i never was growing up.

it's 1 in the morning. remember how i want to hop out of bed and clean my whole house. yeah, so far things aren't looking good. oh, on an unrelated note, tomorrow is supposed to be our third snow! i'm oddly excited every time it snows. i will get over it soon i'm sure, but for now i'm quite excited! especially after the delicious dinner i made for snow number 2. we had potato soup, grilled cheese, and hot cocoa. delish.

okay okay okay, i must go. i need sleep. so i can clean and eat subway and such. i will try not to wait over a month for an update. we shall see.


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