Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New clothes from Old Navy!

-First up are those dark wash jeans. They are actually much darker than they appear in the picture above. They are very cute and simple. The kind of jeans you can wear with anything. Mine always shrink (length wise) after a few washes. I'm approximately 5'8" so I order mine long and roll them up the first few times I wear them and eventually they shrink to the perfect size. When I order the regular length they are perfect until I have to wash them and then I look like I'm preparing for a flood, if you know what I mean. Not a good look with any jeans, let alone boot cut.

-The blue tank in the opposite corner is supposed to be yellow, hence the mini version above it. Apparently they don't carry the yellow anymore but the blue is still cute!

-I order the gray braided tank first. It was so cute and fit perfectly that I ordered a second in purple.

-The polka dot and yellow tanks are also really cute and very very comfortable.

-I absolutely love the zebra print cardigan. It is the perfect way to do an animal print without looking like the star of Jerseyshore!

-I love Old Navy's jersey stretch tanks! Which is why I ordered three. They are mostly cotton but have some spandex to give them stretch. They aren't tight but they also don't stretch out and lose their shape like some of the brand's cotton tanks.

-I'm also totally in love with this scarf. I realize we are only a month or two away from Fall but I mean come on, coral with polka dots and little fringe. What more could I want?! It is a very thin airy scarf. I just love it.

-The white chiffon-ish blouse in the bottom left is also another favorite. So comfortable and perfect for layering. It is long enough to do the ever popular 90s knot or to leave one side untucked with a messy bun.

-Red checkered button up. Enough said. I mean what else could I say about it. I love it. White tank peeking out with dark jeans and a side braid. I wear it with the sleeves rolled up for an even more relaxed look.


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