Monday, September 12, 2011

Some Birthday Goodies...

My husband bought this bag. I was so impressed.

My birthday was the first part of September and my family spoiled me rotten.
My sisters flew in from out of state and we all spent the weekend at my parents house.
We had a fun bonfire/picnic up a pretty canyon in the mountains
Dinner with extended family
General laziness, happiness, and fun with family

This is from my sister, she got it from Borders. Freakin' adorable, right?!

This was from another sister

This mirror is awesome!

And with the compact was a gift card! Gah! I have never bought
anything from Sephora before!

She also got me 4 nail polishes from Forever 21. I haven't tried the scented ones
yet but I'm really looking forward to seeing (or smelling) if they work!

My hubby got me this little Burt's Bees gift set. I love ALL of their products!

I've use a mini size of this before and loved it! I used every last drop!
I'm so excited to have more.

If you love the scent of lemon then this is the
cuticle cream for you! 

I have only used this once but
it smells divine and is so thick&creamy

These little gloves are cute and great for softening
skin overnight.

My husband knew I have always wanted to try this line of makeup wipes.
The scent of apple and lemon takes some getting used to but I like it because
even though it is strong, it smells natural and not perfumy!

The hubby picked out this perfume for me
it's Katy Perry's new scent.  

This is a roll up, hanging, travel makeup&toiletries bag. I LOVE IT!
My husband picked it out all by himself!

Now I am thankful for and love EVERYTHING I was given for my birthday, but I'm so very obsessed with this curling iron
I picked out. I'm sure you have seen all about these on other blogs and YouTube but it curls SUPER fast and nicely and gives perfect curls every single time. I love it! I love curling my hair now! 


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  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you got some lovely goodies. xx