Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Clothes from Old Navy!

I wanted to share with you some cute clothes I just ordered from Old Navy. I live in a small town where the only clothing option is Walmart. Over the last few years I have stopped going into the city to buy my clothes and I do all of my shopping exclusively on Old Navy's website.
Probably three or four times a year I will make an order from Old Navy. I only order when I can find a coupon code and I only order from their sale section. When you spend $50.00 you get free shipping and all of their plus size clothing comes with free returns.
So lets take a look...
Left: Printed Chiffon Tank in Navy Dots
Regularly: $24.94 Sale: $20.00 After Code: $14.00
Right: Sleeveless Tunic in Royal Rowena
Regularly: $29.94 Sale: $10.97 After Code: $7.68
(also ordered a second tunic in Green Goddess that is not pictured but is a really pretty mint green)
Both of these tops are made from very thin lightweight fabric which makes them great for the hot summer months. You can't tell when looking at the tunic but the back is actually longer than the front so that it covers your bum if you wanted to wear it with leggings.
Linen-Blend Tunics in
Left: Aqueous
Right: Bright White
Regularly: $32.94 Sale: $15.97 After Code: $11.18
This top is so cute. The sleeves go a little shorter than three-quarter length on my arms. The fabric is light (though not very soft) but I still think it will be cool enough to wear in the summer. It calls these tunics but they didn't seem that much longer than a normal blouse to me.
Left: Boyfriend Cardi in Neon Peach
(I actually order two of these cardis one in white and one in bright blue but they didn't have pictures of those colors)
Regularly: $36.94 Sale: $10.97 After Code: $7.68
Right: Long-sleeved Cardi in Rebellion Red
Regularly: $36.94 Sale: $6.97 After Code: $4.88
Both of these cardigan styles are made of really really soft fabric. The long-sleeved cardigan is slightly thicker and has more stretch to it (this is my most purchased cardi style). The boyfriend cardigan is very thin (perfect for summer) but does not have any stretch or give to it.
I actually hate wearing long sleeves. They drive me nuts so I always push or roll up my sleeves to my forearm so I never actually wear the long sleeved cardigan as pictured above. I leave it unbuttoned over a cute blouse and then push the sleeves up so it doesn't look so... stuffy. I am returning both of the Boyfriend cardis that I ordered because the arms are sized much smaller than the rest of the cardi and without any stretch to the fabric I can't push up the sleeves. But I still love the style of the cardi, the fabric, and the colors.
Then I stocked up on some basics...
Jersey Stretch layering tanks in L to R: Pollywog, Black Jack, Bright White
Regularly: $12.94 Sale: $12.00 After Code: $8.40
These are my very favorite layering tanks. They are just the right length and also go up just enough to make a low cut shirt more modest or peek out of a regular neckline. They don't shrink or stretch out and the fabric is very soft. I have three white ones, two black ones, one gray, forest green, lilac, coral, magenta. I wasn't kidding when I called them my favorite layering tanks :)
Left: Jersey Leggings
(pictured is charcoal but I actually ordered black jack)
Regularly: $10.94 After Code: $7.65
Right: Shirred Tank in Black Jack
Regularly: $16.94 Sale: $9.97 After Code: $6.98
I don't love the leggings. My favorite leggings are from Lane Bryant and I can tell they are made from a higher quality fabric because they have more stretch to them and are overall more comfortable. However, if I wasn't expecting them to be like the LB leggings then they'd be great leggings. I am going to keep them because they were a good price and fit well but in this situation I definitely feel like I'm getting what I pay for.
Will someone please explain to me what "shirred" means!?! Seriously... I'm so confused. Hold please, I'll Google it.
"Gather (an area of fabric or part of a garment) by drawn or elasticized threads in parallel rows"
I'm still not entirely sure I understand that but... there you go.
I ordered this tank one size too big because that's all they had. There is a chance it might shrink in the dryer a little and then it would fit quite nicely but right now it is took long and too baggy. I have fallen in love with it the last few days because I come home from work and change into this tank and some leggings and my whole world becomes so comfortable. If I'd been able to get this in my size then I think it would be really cute with a cardigan and jeans.
And that's everything!
All of these are still available online (in varying colors) in case you were wondering. If you end up ordering something then I totally recommend searching for a coupon code first. Don't ever pay full price if you can help it! :)
Alright I didn't trust you to find a code so I found one for you ONSAVE20 to get 20% your entire order until 07/17/2013.


  1. I need to just order everything you do from old navers because you are so stylish.

    1. Oh my gosh you are so funny! I'll just keep a chart of all your sizes and I'll order two of everything and just have half the order mailed to your house :)